OVERVIEW: Your client just formed a new toy company to develop a new line of tub toys for the 2-4 year old boys and girls toy market. Their passion and concern is to develop a line of toys that avoid many of the stereotypes, (think cheap, plasticky, and overly-branded) often associated with large market toy maker/distributors. To avoid these connotations, they are interested in developing toys that are simple in concept and construction, while using a blend of both soft and hard materials. For their first line of toys they would like to concentrate on bath time and bath time play.
ASSIGNMENT: Your assignment is to produce a bath toy to meet the 2-4 year old target market. In doing this you will be limited in a couple of ways. First, the environment, this will be for the bath only. Secondly, manufacturing processes will be primarily limited to injection-molded plastics of a varying of durometers (levels of flexibility). A minumum number of parts will be necessary to keep costs down, no more than eight parts is recommended and mechanisms aren’t really a possibility. And lastly, co-branded products (products that bear the likeness or iconography of corporate character, such as Mickey Mouse) will not be considered at all.
NARRATIVE PLAY: Third person play where the child is narrarating a sequence or action, but is not part of the story.
CREATIVE PLAY: Play where the child is involved in building or making something, can be 2D or 3D.
GAME PLAY: Play where challenges and/or rewards are present, competitive in nature. 
ROLE PLAY: First person play where the child is a character in the action. 
Made a full-size print out of myself at the age of 3. This helped me along the way while figuring out proportions.
Began to think about how the child would react to my toy.
Blue-foam iterations.
Eye Studies.
Thank you.
This little guy (4 years old) seemed to have an awesome time with Rocky the Whale!
The rock back!
The rock foward!
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